Building the SUDU

Closing In
November 30, 2010, 3:44 pm
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Working from either side of the structure, the vault is closing in…

All of the major new tasks have been accomplished and now repeated – the laborers may now work more rapidly with better confidence, and they are at this point much better prepared to correct their mistakes without excessive supervision.

The scaffolding is drawn closer, until workers can cross from one to the other without climbing down.  The terminal walls of each 1/2 vault will then be built, so that the funicular stair can cut up through the vault to the second floor.

And now the first steps can be made to load the vault – however, until the floor fill is added, only crown loading and not asymmetrical loading of the vault may be permitted.


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Thanks for documenting your project, it was certainly a joy to read and the pictures were great. Incidentally what did you use as the flooring material/covering above the vault and the diaphragm?

Comment by Jean Petr (@jeanpetr)

Thanks! Was intended to be soil/pumice/lime; but the replacement material was soil/red ash/lime.

Comment by limacon24

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